Tizgui Village, Todgha Gorge, Morocco

You saw it here first: C'est une maison bleue


You saw it here first: C'est une maison bleue

It's the first blue house in Todra Gorge.... but will it be the only one?

Think of a blue house in Morocco and you probably think of Chefchaouen, that Insta-worthy blue town in the north. Why, exactly, Chefchaouen is blue, is a matter of some debate. Some theories say that it was Jewish residents who originally painted walls of their houses blue. Other theories suggest that the blue serves a purpose: to repel mosquitoes or keep the houses cool in summer, or to symbolise water or some other such (probably) nonsense.. Julio's theory (and it's a good one, if we remember that just a few years ago Chefchaouen was more white than blue -- probably, incidentally, just before the invention of Instagram, if we were to do some digging) is that someone decided to paint their house blue and the tourists began to snap pictures. After that, the whole town turned blue, and the tourists kept coming in droves.


Anyway, we don't live in Chefchaouen, we live in Todra Gorge, but we now have a blue house. Perhaps the tourists will start to take pictures of it, too?


What with this lock-down of seemingly the entire world, we've had a bit of time on our hands to do some updates and renovations around A Secret Garden. Julio's first choice of task was to paint the house bright blue--and not only outside, but inside too!


What do you think? We think it looks like the sky :)

It's not quite finished yet. More photos to come!


A Secret Garden - Bright Blue!Julio painting A Secret Garden

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Todgha Gorge, Morocco