Tizgui Village, Todgha Gorge, Morocco

How Does Your Garden Grow?


How Does Your Garden Grow?

Our garden is coming alive, and we can't wait to share its bounty with you!

It's been a quiet spring here in the Todgha Gorges. Normally these months are hopping -- not only with buses stopping in the middle of the gorge and spitting out hordes of camera-toting tourists dressed in fancy garb for their insta-worthy shots, but also with climbers. Now is the best and most busy climbing season. Or, normally it is!

This year, of course, has been different. We're sad that we haven't been able to share our home and our hospitality with visitors throughout these months. But we've been hard at work making updates and re-decorating so that when we can welcome you again you'll have an even better stay with us!


One of the things that occupies a fair amount of our time is the garden -- THE garden of "A Secret Garden"! And this year it's looking the best it's ever looked!


Since we can't welcome you to come for a visit, we thought we'd share our beautiful peaceful garden and its green growing things through a virtual tour.


This year we've transformed the back half of the garden into a vegetable garden. Once we start harvesting in a few months, we'll be able to share our produce with you in our home-cooked, natural meals :)


We've planted:

Coriander and Parsley

Basil, Thyme, and Oregano

Corn (for the chickens)

Beans (two varieties)










Bell peppers




Vegetable garden A Secret Garden





Peach and Wild Blackberry Frangipane Galette You saw it here first: C'est une maison bleue

Todgha Gorge, Morocco