Tizgui Village, Todgha Gorge, Morocco

Horse Riding in the Todgha Gorges

Ride Berber horses through their natural landscape: river valleys and high desert plateaus. 


The Barb is an ancient breed of horse, thought to have originated in Northern Africa in about the 8th century. It is perfectly adapted for the harsh desert terrain, with small hooves and impressive stamina.


We offer guided horseback riding tours on Moroccan Barb horses through the Todra Gorges and surrounding region. Spend a half or full day meandering through the shaded river gardens or climbing high onto the desert plateaus past nomad camps and flocks of goats on a horse who has travelled these paths for millennia.


You'll be accompanied by Emily, a professional horse trainer (in Canada and New Zealand) and riding instructor for the past 15 years.


Ride beneath the tall date palms in the shaded river gardens for a 3 hour tour. Includes tea.

1 person - €70

2 people - €50 pp.



A morning ride through the river gardens and an afternoon travelling high onto the plateau. Includes lunch at a friend's family restaurant.

1 person - €100

2 people - €80 pp

*for larger groups, contact us
*ask about package deals including accommodation

Todgha Gorge, Morocco